November 6, 2020


Caterina Came to The creative Corner for a branding job for her Textile / fabric hunting business in Italy. This is was her first time getting a logo and she thought that it was up to the designer to come up with the name but unfortunately that is all up to her simply being that if I designed a logo with a name I chose she may not like the name and that would be hours of work scrapped. After telling her this she decided to go with her name CATerina so I based one of the concepts on a cat due to her name and you always see images of cats playing with balls of fabric

Project Overview

I sell scraps/fabrics/bundles of textiles for crafts. (home interiors/fashion/accessories,…) I am like a fabric hunter for occasions, low prices and unique pieces. I find textiles that usually shops and producers waste (samples, leftovers from projects) and sell them to give them anew life (very ethic!).In the future I would love also to sell sewing kits and tools but at the moment I am more focused only on the textiles.

What and Why

Very good quality fabrics ( from best home brands on the high street) but sold like scraps and bundles for crafts. I search and import fabrics from US, UK, Spain and France. I have thousands of pieces organised by colours and sizes. I make colour themed bundles and I sell them around 18 euros/each. Also I sell unique pieces from 10 to 30 euros/piece.


Mostly women, 25-65. Love handmade products, good qualities but not too  expensive. They love doing things by themselves (some of the them sell their objects, like handbags or fashion accessories). At the moment my audience is local, but since I’ve started online 2 weeks ago it became national. I would like to approach the International audience too.

“I guess that with some bold colours it could become quite contemporary.”
All logos must work in Black & White
A real logo is a Simple mark just like Nike that you recognise instantly.
This is Called the Primary Logo
Primary Mark
The Primary Logo must always work on a black and white Background.

What They Care About

They are tired of blind buying stuff and put them in their home without any feelings for it. When you make something by yourself for you or for someone else the value is much stronger. It’s also like a therapy that makes you feel good, connecting you with the present. And it’s quite green too!

Objectives and Goals

I want to offer an alternative, a kind of choice of life style. And try to make my clients feeling part of it. I want my customer to trust their taste and be bold and creative. Also they trust me for the choice of fabrics and the way I put them together.

Look Feel / Tone Manner

Bold, quite  strong colours (my textiles are mainly floral and decorative patterns). I love maximalism, quite girly, granny chic but quite contemporary. I would say a bold  timeless classic style with a funny touch.

Logo Draft Two
Black and White Primary Logo
Mark in Black and White
Primary Logo in Full Colour
Primary Mark in Full Colour
The Primary Logo must always work on a black and white Background.


Once I had two concepts done and laid out correctly and photoshopped into real life scenarios I sent her the first two drafts so I am waiting on feed back now so I can execute the job later today.

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November 6, 2020