October 5, 2020
Stonewell Passion Fruit label Breif:

The distributors have suggested this needs to be distinguished by more than knot colour. They suggested a tracery in the background of leaves/flowers representing passion fruit. They want “funkier”.

Daniel and Geraldine’s brief goes something like this: thinking about the Singer building on Grand parade and the sign on the wall beside it… could the whole label have a greyed out tracery background based on the passion fruit plant (so greyed out where the black parts of the label are) but this tracery is vibrant within the knot design? So same tracery throughout, greyed out in the main part of the label, vibrant within the knot.

The colour, if you look at fruits, leaves and flowers of passion fruit, could be something along the lines of the dark aubergine colour on the flowers instead of the black for the background, and a green for the knot but it must be a darker green like passion fruit leaves to distinguish it from the cucumber label.

"They suggested a tracery in the background of leaves/flowers representing passion fruit. They want “funkier”.
Choosing and colouring the pattern
Making sure it stands out against a black background


The first part of this project was illustrating the rite floral pattern, This took up the main bulk of design time. Once we had figured out which patter to go with I then had to colour in each leaf element to black and white while making sure it stands out against the black background.


When I was finished graying out the leaves I had to duplicate the pattern pasting it exactly on top so the coloured leaves were perfectly placed, I then used the clients suggested panton's to colour the leaves in yellow, and purple.

Colouring the leaves inside the Logo
Aligning up the Artwork so everything fits exactly rite as you can see in the image below.
Aligning up the artwork
Finished Front label

Finished Design:

As soon as the pattern and leaves were complete I got working on the logo and text placement and then finally the back and neck label.

Finished Artwork


As soon as the job was signed off I designed two FSDU's for the shops and off licence to show off the new beers.

Shop Stands
On show


My favourite part of the job was tasting the beer which is absolutely delicious and of course seeing my work in the shops.

Tasting is the most vital part of any alcohol project.
More Tasting

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October 5, 2020